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Welcome to Global Linguist Solutions, LLC (GLS).

Our mission is to help clients around the world in understanding their operating environment, communicate effectively, and to achieve their international goals. Our clients success is our success.

Why We Are the Best

Our Mission

At GLS, we have the experience in providing a comprehensive range of Language services, Cultural Consulting, Global Consulting, and Program Management. Our expertise has the ability to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our clients needs. 

Our clients are very important to us and we take great pride in our customer service whether it’s during the candidiacy process, day to day linguist interaction, or when we are communicating with clients on solutions. Throughout our implementation process we will guide you through every aspect making the transition as seamless as possible.

We communicate clearly with our employees and clients for maximum efficiency. Our team is passionate about what we do which is reflected in our performance.

Solutioning Done Right

Our Capabilities

GLS provides customers with Understanding on three levels based on our extensive experience in languages, cultural understanding, and regional expertise.

Our customers are government agencies and commercial companies seeking to operate in (often dangerous and difficult) international environments.
GLS currently operates in 36 languages and dialects in over 20 countries.

Language Services

Interpretation, translation, and transcription at UNCLASSIFIED, SECRET, and TOP SECRET/SCI levels wherever Government organizations and military forces operate – in embassies and headquarters, on battlefields, and embarked on vessels at sea.

Cross-Cultural Consulting

Appropriately cleared cultural advisors have the high-level competencies to help Government customers work effectively in multicultural environments where they must interact with people of differing beliefs, values, norms, thinking...

Global Consulting

Appropriately cleared language-enabled Analysts and Facilitators with sophisticated knowledge of the historical, political, economic, religious, cultural, and regional context help Government customers understand the big picture and the back story, develop possible...

Program Management

Program Management includes the coordination of all elements of multiple projects, including coordination of tasks, resources, stakeholder requirements, and data-based trade-offs between competing requests. Effective integration...

Five steps to success

Cultural Competence

The importance of Cultural Competence in business or operational effectiveness increases proportionally as an organization evolves into a global enterprise. Whether you are a domestic enterprise venturing for the first time into the world of international business or an established global enterprise, understanding culture plays a huge role in your chances for success.

Understanding Culture is the foundation of Business

Cultural Diversity and Cultural Integration are the foundations needed to foster effective international business growth.  Here at GLS we lead by example and are showing the world how successful we are.

Absent the time and inclination to learn a new language and to dive deeply into a countries culture, the international business executive and the global special operations warrior alike must rely on carefully vetted, highly-skilled Language interpreters, Cultural advisors, and Program Managers. GLS conducts business on five key cultural values.






"Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture”
Andy Burgess