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Using our skills in languages, culture, and regional dynamics GLS helps customers (United States, Coalition, and Allied) operate effectively in high-risk, high-stakes international and multicultural environments.

Language Services

GLS offers many language services including Interpretation, Translation,  and Transcription in 36 languages in over 20 countries.  Our approach has always been to focus on evaluating the best employees for our customers through a vigorous screening process.  We provider our customers with an understanding on three levels   Our expertise in languages, cultural knowledge, and regional expertise cement our ability to provide solutions for mission critical requirements.

During interpretation, a professional interpreter converts spoken words from one language to another in real-time. Interpretation can take place in person—for example, at a town hall meeting, a medical appointment, or an interview. 

You may need interpretation services any time you’re working with partners, clients, or customers who do not share your native language.

At GLS, we offer interpretation because a language gap should never slow you down.

While interpretation handles spoken language in real-time, translation services are text-based. A professional translator converts written texts—from documents, brochures and signs to websites and books—into  a new language.

Cross-Cultural Consulting

Cultural awareness is a bit like business communication and business management, they are basic concepts that people understand, but huge mistakes can be made and they can be costly. Appropriately cleared cultural advisors have the high-level competencies to help Government customers work effectively in multicultural environments where they must interact with people of differing beliefs, values, norms, thinking patterns, and customs.

Appreciating the value of intercultural competence is important, but creating a culturally sensitive environment with an enlightened staff requires specific expertise.

GLS can design intercultural programs, develop educational materials, train the trainers and suggest policies to develop the foundation for an interculturally enriched workplace.

Global Consulting

Businesses around the world have more and more to rely in consultancy to thrive through a more complex and disruptive fast changing economic, social and technological fast changing world. The consultancy industry is an increasing part of the business life and special as the international economy gets increasingly more volatile and software driven.

International consultants are individuals who assist companies in finding answers to questions regarding the future activities in foreign markets. An effective international consultant can work with his/her clients in specific projects within a wide range of areas.  GLS helps in providing solutions for your international consulting needs.

Program Management

Program Management includes the coordination of all elements of multiple projects, including coordination of tasks, resources, stakeholder requirements, and data-based trade-offs between competing requests. Effective integration of people, processes, and tools produces a management approach that is integrated to produce operational visibility and transparency that leads to repeatable and predictable results. 

With GLS, you get proven management, engineering, technical, logistical, and administrative services that have been tested over 15 years of serving our government and private clients. We bring extensive experience and expertise in serving organizations across many sectors, including defense, intelligence, language, translation, interpretation. We provide management of mission critical programs and projects to customers across the globe.

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